Retaining Walls Diamond Creek

At Aljohn Excavations, we pride ourselves on designing and installing well- constructed concrete and sleeper retaining walls to residential and commercial properties. We service all the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne including Diamond Creek.

Our team build concrete and sleeper retaining walls to suit your aesthetic and functional requirements, and guarantee that our service will leave you with a solid, straight and neat retaining wall.

Sleeper retaining walls secure soil, and avoid erosion of your garden or landscaping. Timber retaining walls are fantastic for a residential or commercial property in need of a natural looking wall that can be constructed evenly or staggered to suit your property and taste. Aljohn Excavations can install treated pine retaining walls for a natural, yet effective solution in any property.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls are perfect for commercial and large domestic sites that require a solid, long lasting retaining wall. In addition to needing less maintenance than other materials, concrete retaining walls have an unmatchable strength that can be incredibly functional and  look appealing in a landscaped backyard or garden. Natural concrete retaining wall sleepers can be custom made to your specifications and are excellent if you require large walls to be constructed.

Aljohn Excavations are a leading builder of retaining walls across Melbourne. Due to their expertise and access to machinery, Aljohn Excavations specialise in creating strong and functional retaining walls even in the most narrow or difficult to landscape places.

Retaining Walls Diamond Creek

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